Pole Position for Walilko on Nurnburgring

Pole Position for Walilko on Nurnburgring

Igor Walilko:

"I’ve been for the first time in my life on Nurburgring – I hadn’t any chance to driven a single lap there before. The more I’m satisfied by my results."

"Both time attack and tests went the way we know from ages – we look for the best setups, which are never optimal during qualify, that’s why we mostly land on last positions. What’s next I have to get thru almost from the very end to reach any points – while trying not to damage my bolide or not to be damaged by any other participant. And so during weekend we become faster – especially on final race, where most of the drivers don’t have any more tires – that’s the point where skills are coming to the front not the engine power – well maybe with 2 exceptions..:) That’s why during my last race I tried to be the first on start on Sunday. And finally it happened, even though I was for the first time on Nurnburgring and it was raining. In 3rd and last race we put all one’s eggs in one basket, my bolide setup was to start and defend myself on first corner before the “fly jets” from Neuhauser and ran as far I can. I managed to do it, and after 3 laps I had over 300m over 2nd driver. Unfortunately Safety Car went on track and we had to change our tactics on fly – after restart I managed to escape and hoped that I will win it or at least make it to the podium. But marshals made their decision by giving me a drive thru penalty, because of standing 7cm after the left line on a starting grid, which had completely no matter for the race. Even most of my competitors could understand why I received such a punishment for that. What’s more, most of drivers in my row stood exactly the same, but It was only me, who received the penalty."

"Sachsenring and Hockenheim are one of my favorite tracks, where I already had an opportunity to have my tests done, so I’m pretty sure I will get good results and will try to fight for my first podium. I don’t want to think about what happened, I’m more focused what’s next and to achieve my best result in the whole season."

Rafal Walilko:

"Igor is still very young and relatively have a little experience in bolide racing, but ADAC Formel Masters is exactly for such drivers – the more I’m surprised and disgusted in such radical decision of marshals. I don’t know what’s the point of so called “Manual Steering”, which never ends in a good way – but I don’t want comment it anymore. From last two races we have a little better equipment, even though it is not the car we can fight with the top – nevertheless Igor has changed during this season – his very calm, he performs all the tasks in 100%  which he discuss with his engineer. It’s just 2 more races till the end of the season, we’ll see how it goes – but one thing is sure, apart of the penalties or not, everybody who has at least little knowledge of motorsports, knows that Igor is becoming a complete driver. Till that weekend we thought about the German F4 – but, we will have to seriously verify our plans."