Walilko in TOP 5 on Slovakia Ring

Walilko in TOP 5 on Slovakia Ring

Igor Walilko:

“I’m pretty happy with the result from my last event in Slovakia, because I “did” 2 great races. Even though, qualify wasn’t best, but in first race I finally was able to compete with others on the same level."

"We took 5th place in 2 first races, which is as far my best result in this series. I’m especially pleased with the timing I had because it shows how huge potential we have. In 3rd race my position on podium was practically sure – right after the start I was faster than drivers before me. Unfortunately on 2nd lap I had to “run” trying to avoid the crash with a driver who’s been blocking me, and in this moment my front right wheel has been damaged by Neuhauser driver which resulted in suspension and brakes complete failure. Going any further wasn’t possible anymore. Even our vehicles are still behind the top, we’re starting to catch on with used tires."

"I hope, that on next event it will be even better – although I haven’t been to Nurburgring and we will have just 4 practice sessions.”